The Bull 3D System

The Bull3D system is fully portable and useable both indoors and out. It is currently used by many of the world’s leading organisations and development programs as well as many of the worlds most established and accomplishes coaches. Bull3D travels globally therefore we are available to enhance the experiences of all golfers at their home venue.

Bull3D uses the latest and most innovative hardware able which is fully embedded into the Bull3D 2021 software which allows us to fully understand how a golfer moves, the forces they produces, ranges they move through and how all the body segments interact to produce the golf swing.

Motion Sensors

The Bull 3D system utilises a vast array of state-of-the-art sensors to capture each aspect of movement during every golfing action.

What does Bull3D measure and capture

  • All segment position nd orientation in realtime 3D
  • No lost information
  • Useable indoors and out
  • Fully portable
  • Compare and track improvements over time
  • Intuitive and non invasive
  • Database of over 10,000 golfers
  • 20 years of education, experience and know how allowing for meaningful and accurate understanding of the data


Using the latest Viper technology, its tracks in realtime at a staggering 960 hz with a latency of 1ms making it exceptionally, fast, accurate and precise allowing for the most advanced motion tracking available. Viper truly is the most expansive and innovative motion capture system allowing for sensational levels of precision in understanding human movement and performance within the golf swing.


Portable and tetherless, G4 hardware allows for complete freedom and independence in motion tracking whilst delivery highly precise and accurate realtime tracking, both indoors and out.

Using the latest 3D motion capture hardware alongside the innovative Bull3D software, we are able to track and provide accurate movement and location of the head, neck, ribcage, pelvis, shoulders, arms, wrists and club through space.

This allows us to explore and understand the ranges joints move through,  how segments interact alongside how their control as they rotate, the forces, torques and accelerations being produce to establish why segments move the way they do. Alongside this, we can also track in realtime the full 3D movement of the club allowing for accurate tracking of areas such as club face rotation, attack angle, path, lean, rate of rotation etc through the entire swing, not just at impact. In addition, intrinsic movements such as segment interaction, timing sequences, muscle activity such as stretch shortening cycles allowing for highly precise connection and correlation to be made between anatomically how the golfer is moving as well as how they concepts and swing perceptions are influencing how they are moving and performing.

This is fully integrated into force plate technology allowing for complete understanding of how the whole golfer and club move and interact throughout the swing.

Watch the software overview

Benefits of the 3D Biomechanics System

  • No lost information
  • Quantitative data available immediately - this data cannot be measured using video methods alone and many movements are impossible to see with the naked eye
  • Biofeedback training - real-time feedback on whether desired swing positions are achieved, allowing you to instantly feel the movement and positoin you are trying to achieve
  • View your swing from any angle - front, behind, above, below and both sides
  • Information can be readily combined with other data from your own testing or against other golfers
  • Compare swings at different points in time
  • Compare your own swing measurements against a professional golfer database and using a realistic model

Sample 3D Animations

Club Forces Accelerations & Torques
Data Output
Full PDF Reports & Session Feedback
Realtime Audio & Visual Feedback
Realtime Learning Functions
Swing Comparison
Swing Strobing
Syncing & Comparing Swings
Wedge System Including Club Data

Reports and Data

Full, detailed and comprehensive reports are provided allowing for a clear mapping of the session priorities and observations allowing for precise and accurate practice and development to happen post and between sessions.

Sample Report

Full Swing

  • Setup foundations - posture and alignments
  • Body movements, segment rotation and joint control
  • Swing dynamics - speeds, segment accelerations, forces and interactions
  • Hand, arm, shoulder wrist movements.
  • Hand and club path as well as club delivery data
  • Movement variability, understanding what changed and why between good shots and poor feels


Our short game system allows you to explore and understand chipping, pitching and bunker shots. Looks at club delivery movement as well as body function.

Those purchasing the Bull 3D System for their venue or service company are provided with comprehensive training and support.

Coach Education Programme

Bull 3D offers a comprehensive programme to coaches using the Bull 3D System, including:
  • Client version of Bull 3D motion capture software
  • Education in biomechanics philosophies
  • Individual training days using Bull 3D's facilities
  • Online training
  • Access to Bull 3D's database of patterns, case studies and new discoveries, plus subscription to the latest research and articles published by Bull 3D
  • Access to global networks and seminars, together with discounts on all seminars organised by Bull 3D

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