A 3D Revolution
In Golf Performance

Exceptional results in both performance
development and rehabilitation from injury

Our Services

Integrating 3D motion capture, force plates and realtime club data, we can help increase distance, enhance swing performance, improve reliability and help avoid and reduce pain/injury.

3D biomechanical assessments

Use the latest and most innovative 3D motion capture system to establish how you move and perform in your swing, highlight where advancements and improvements can be made and locate problematic areas that may relate to pain/injury.

3D Putting

Explore, understand and improve your putting in areas such as how the putter moves in the stroke, how you move and interact with the putter alongside variability between holed and missed putts.

Bull3D System

Improve swing performance by connecting any anatomical and physical imbalances to improve both swing performance and pain avoidance.

Online Academy

Join the truly innovative Bull3D online educational academy and explore and understand all areas that influence both how we move and perform from anatomy, physiology and movement science.

Just wanted to say thank you for making the effort to get back from Iceland yesterday to spend time with me. It was great to see the influence of the behaviour of left hip on the hand path in transition. Thanks once again.

Justin Rose
US Open Winner and Olympic Gold medallist

You sir, are true class.

Sean Foley
PGA tour coach

You’re doing work that’s opening many people’s eyes, and that’s how I heard of you.

George Gankas
PGA tour coach

You have literally saved his career.

Justin Buckthorpe
PGA and European Tour health specialist

Bully is just the best.

Kevin Kirk
US PGA teacher of the year 2019

Words can't describe how much it means to me to be around such an amazing group people Mark! The knowledge, care, kindness and professionalism you bring out is almost overwhelming and I literally cant express my gratitude enough. I had a great day today and learned a ton! Excited to get to work on these important things.

Joel Taulsen