SwingSense3D for Iphone and IPad

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3D Data Including:

  • Pelvis rotation, side bend and bend
  • Pelvis sway, thrust and up/down
  • Thorax rotation, side bend and bend
  • Thorax sway, thrust and up/down
  • Pelvis, thorax, lead arm and lead hand peak angular velocities
  • Thorax - lead arm peak stretch
  • Rate of peak pelvis elevation (representative of vertical ground force).

Functions Include:

  • Data compared with movement thresholds depending on anatomical frame shape.
  • Movement variability showing areas of greatest adaptation between swings.
  • Data shareable via email, text, social media etc..

No subscriptions and no annual or monthly fees, one time purchase. All for just £395.

App Tutorials

Understanding and using the data
Client entry, calibration and capture
Understanding the movement thresholds
Explaining the plots and the values


What devices can I use for this app?

Device compatibility:

  • IPhone 12 onwards.
  • Ipad pro 3rd generation onwards.
  • Ensure latest version of iOS is installed – 16.2 onwards.
How do I set up the camera?
How do I maximise the app performance?

Just wanted to say thank you for making the effort to get back from Iceland yesterday to spend time with me. It was great to see the influence of the behaviour of left hip on the hand path in transition. Thanks once again.

Justin Rose
US Open Winner and Olympic Gold medallist

You sir, are true class.

Sean Foley
PGA tour coach

You’re doing work that’s opening many people’s eyes, and that’s how I heard of you.

George Gankas
PGA tour coach

You have literally saved his career.

Justin Buckthorpe
PGA and European Tour health specialist

Bully is just the best.

Kevin Kirk
US PGA teacher of the year 2019

Words can't describe how much it means to me to be around such an amazing group people Mark! The knowledge, care, kindness and professionalism you bring out is almost overwhelming and I literally cant express my gratitude enough. I had a great day today and learned a ton! Excited to get to work on these important things.

Joel Taulsen