Bull 3D provides a full range of 3D biomechanics and golf-related fitness services.

The following sets out our standard fees for those visiting our base at Reigate Hill Golf Club in Surrey. We also regularly travel around the country, so please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Standard Fees

Service Fee
3D biomechanical analysis, biofeedback and drills/exercises (90 minutes) £ 180
    as above plus force plate assessment and weight transfer analysis (3 hours) £ 330
3D biomechanical analysis, biofeedback, physical competence test and drills/exercises (2 hours) plus your swing animation and software to watch on your home computer £ 245
Force plate/weight transference assessment £ 50
Biofeedback session (45 mins) £ 50
3D data collection only (45 mins) £ 50
Spikey ball recovery session (1 hour) £ 50
Golf-specific exercise session (1 hour – available after initial 3D assessment) £ 50

Specialist Services

The following services are also available from Bull 3D – please enquire for pricing on these services, as they are tailored to players’ specific requirements: