Just wanted to say thank you for making the effort to get back from Iceland yesterday to spend time with me. It was great to see the influence of the behaviour of left hip on the hand path in transition. Thanks once again.

Justin Rose

US Open Winner and Olympic Gold medallist

You sir, are true class.

Sean Foley

PGA tour coach

Mark, I have met in you a person that not only has one of the sharpest eye for body motion but also one of the brightest mind for the human soul. Thank you so much for visiting us and sharing your thought on body and mind. I understand why Sean speak of you in such high estime. It was a real pleasure spending the last couple of days with you and I hope we ll keep in touch bouncing around idea.

Mathieu Santerre

French Federation National Coach.

Thank you so much for a great day in Ames. So grateful for your valuable insights and acute ability to see through noise to the actual issue. You are truly gifted. And even more, you make everyone around you want to be better. It is the mark of a great leader. Thank you for being a great mentor and for laughing with us (or at us?!)

Christie Martens

Iowa State Women’s Golf Coach

You’re the best, thank you Bully.

Laurie Canter

Liv Golf Tour and DP world Tour

You’re doing work that’s opening many people’s eyes, and that’s how I heard of you.

George Gankas

PGA tour coach

Bully, you are truly fantastic mate.

Peter Malnati

PGA Tour

Doc, you are way too humble and intelligent. Love you.

Ted Scott

PGA tour caddie

You have literally saved his career.

Justin Buckthorpe

PGA and European Tour health specialist

Bully is just the best.

Kevin Kirk

US PGA teacher of the year 2019

Mark is the best 3D biomechanist in the world.

Hugh Marr

European tour coach

Bully, as always great to have you visit, great information as always.

Graham Walker

England mens and European Tour coach

It was an absolute privilege to have met you. It's rare to come across an individual who is able to communicate such deeply profound concepts as superbly well as you do. Every single thing you said made immense sense to me. So, thank you

Paul Lewis

The posture drills are superb, all of the squads absolutely love doing them! Thanks again.

James Parker

Head Coach, Scandinavian School of Golf

Words can't describe how much it means to me to be around such an amazing group people Mark! The knowledge, care, kindness and professionalism you bring out is almost overwhelming and I literally cant express my gratitude enough. I had a great day today and learned a ton! Excited to get to work on these important things.

Joel Taulsen

Exceptional presentation at the PGA conference, awesome! Can't wait to use this in my coaching.

Rob Warburton

PGA Coach, Moor Park Golf Club

I am on holiday in Spain and I just wanted to let you know how I played after my 3D session with you. I have just played fabulous - the best golf I have ever played. I can't wait to get back to see you and the exercises you gave me were superb.

Sarah Simmonds

14 handicap

Just wanted to drop a quick e-mail to thank you for help last Sunday. Your drill has made a massive difference to me. I've just been to the driving range where I hit the flag twice and hit numerous other shots directly at my intended targets. I am hitting the ball out of the middle of the clubface again, which is really giving me some confidence and enjoyment - things that have been lacking from my game for most of this year. Thank you again and I can't wait to see you again in the spring.

Neville Gardiner

2 Handicap

Why have a lesson with a golf pro who uses his opinion to teach you when you can use facts written in black and white? There is no guesswork with 3D golf and it has revolutionised my golf swing and my understanding of my swing!

Steve Parry


I got so much more out of the session than I could ever have hoped for. I can't believe the amount of knowledge you have. The drills are so easy yet so very effective.

James Tuck

PGA Professional, Bath, Somerset