3D Biomechanics

Using the most innovative 3D motion capture combined with application of biomechanical principles alongside the knowledge and know how of human movement to your golf swing.

3D Biomechanics

Using the latest 3D system to provide realtime, accurate and precise understanding and tracking how how your head, neck, ribcage, pelvis, shoulders, arms, wrists, hands and club move throughout the swing. Combined with force plate technology to fully establish how you move and perform within the golf swing. Using multiple realtime learning functions both visual and audible to experience improved swing movements as well as enhanced awareness and perception. The system is available for all shots in golf, both long game and short game as well as putting.

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Biofeedback Training

Realtime audible and visual biofeedback allows the golfer to experience in realtime the precise sensory awareness required to either encourage certain swing improvements or avoid problematic ones. For example, biofeedback can be used to guide and encourage the golfer to move in an advantageous way which scientific research shows to accelerate the learning of new skills alongside using biofeedback to create awareness of unhelpful and disruptive movements. Realtime biofeedback allows for a significantly more accurate and redefined approach to improving swing performance as well as connecting closer the task demands with the golfers own perceptions. In short, connecting reality to perception.

Biofeedback pelvis rotation
Biofeedback pelvis sway
Biofeedback wrist movement
Biofeedback postural awareness
Biofeedback arc width